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La Pegatina
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Xapomeln is the name of La Pegatina's third album. It is to be released at a great time for the members of the band who are now well known in Catalonia, Spain and even Europe. They played more than 450 concerts around Europe sush as La Merc, Lowlands, Festival Mundial or Eurosonic in Holland, Le Bout du Monde and Les Feux de l't in France, el Festival d't de Qubec in Canada. A job that they have fulfilled with simplicity, honesty and a breath of fresh air, leaving aside all prejudice and living the moment to the full.

Nowadays, La Pegatina is group in its own right. The song for TV3 ("Aqu es nadal i estic content") and the Enderrock awards for best pop/rock Catalan band and best website are the mos recent exemples of their success. They have also more than 60.000 fans on Facebook following their day to day progress.

Now it's time for Xapomeln. An album which will take them further. The name of the album is a reference to an imaginary world where people speak Spanish, Catalan, French, Basque and Galician and created thanks to two very important elements, the two first albums (Al Carrer!, 2007 i Via Mandarina, 2009). Xapomeln is the result of the band's hard work between the months of July 2010 and February 2011. This third album's aim is to show that the group's inspiration had no limit.

The album includes 21 songs which mix Urban Rumba and Merengue, Ranxera, Cumbia and ska. For the second CD, the trumpet and the accordion joined the band, and now, for the third one, they have taken on the drums which give the La Pegatina their own authentic sound.

The lyrics deal with new themes. MurdemeJai eta dantza and Molta merda i massa teatre are songs that refer to the different perspective of the artistic world. Janoneva is more to do with the auto censure that one does when creating a song.El cliz de fuego represents inspiration. Chocholoco and Foxy&Billy add a sexy touch to the album. Others are more to do with friendship such as Ajo y agua or ImaginaBusco and Si de nit deal with love, whereas, La voisine and Mari Carmen are comical.

On their last albums, collaborations such as Manu Chao, Che Sudaka, D'Callaos and El Puchero del Hortelano took part .This time Joan Garriga, Amparo Sanchez, Eloi Gomez (in*digna) and the Sey Sisters participated. Oscar Bass and Tomas Fosch, respectively the trombonist and the keyboard player of Muchachito Bombo Infierno, also play on Xapomeln.

Xapomeln is a very ambitious album for a band that is growing every day by touching more and more fans in Europe and South America.

The CD was recorded in MusicLan (Avinyonet de Puigvents) and La Atlntida (Barcelona). It was mixed in MusicLan and mastered at Mastering Mansion (Madrid). The entire album was self produced by La Pegatina and edited by Kasba Music in seven countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Japan and Spain)

La Pegatina: El Docu
Via Mandarina

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