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Nanai is a band with a mestizo sound which came to life in Valencia in the year 2007. Within a few months, the band consolidated itself as one of the main referents in the alternative scene of the city. After a period of several years of spreading all of its energy in hundreds of concerts, the band has begun its recording career with Sonideros.
In 2008 they launched their first self-produced rough cut under the title A viva voz, which translates into something like Shout it Out! This first rough cut included their first four songs, and reflected all of the enthusiasm and the cheek of an newly born band.
In 2011, following some changes in the formation and loads of experience, they came out with their second rough cut, also self-produced, under the title Son sincero.
In 2012, taking notice of the demand of their followers, the band decided to record their first album, made possible thanks to the collaboration of more than three hundred micro-sponsors (crowd-funding financing through the Verkami platform), a token of the support and confidence towards the band members.
Sonideros, Kasba Music 2013, is a surprising debut album loaded with great songs overflowing with all of the band's vitalistic energy. Different musical styles are integrated into this work, ranging from reggae to rumba, passing through cumbia, Latin, funky and drum & bass, defining the cocktail of sounds with the mestizo flavour of Nanai. Sonideros is made up of eleven original cuts charged with hope and emotion, suggestive lyrics sung in two voices, and with a sound which is sincere and authentic within the national musical panorama.
Nanai has been able to avail itself of the musical production of Andrs Belmonte, member of the mythical band Hechos Contra el Decoro. Through his work, it has been possible to give expression to all of the potential of the band. The album has been recorded in Valencia by Jorge Bernab in Estudios Skyline and Estudios Millenia.
To go along with the launching of the album, Nanai will be going forward with a series of presentation concerts where it will be possible to enjoy their always energy-filled live performances. Nanai is embar- king on this new road anxious to spread sonideros that come from all parts of the world.


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