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Amparo Snchez
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"Alma de Cantaora", that's the title of the brand new album Amparo Snchez is ready to release worldwide. On this second solo-album "Alma de Cantaora", the Spanish diva and winner of the BBC World Music Award in 2005 with her former band Amparanoia, is presenting herself again in a very natural and 'naked' way. The album contains 13 very personal songs and stories, hough cheerful wrapped in a lively and pleasant global ambiance...

June 2012. The small village of Sant Pere de Ribes, a bit south of Barcelona. The Spanish sun is shining brightly and Amparo Snchez is sitting in her placid garden, watching the trees and listening to a couple of her new songs she was recording since 2011 in her home studio 'la Mamita', her alltime favourite daily working place. "I am pretty sure that these new songs are from the most mature material I ever wrote", she explains. "It's sensual and vital, clever and detached, all in the same time". In comparison to her first solo-album 'Tucson-Habana', these new songs all seems to express a more merciful feeling and brighter sense. This new album 'Alma de Cantaora' (literally translated as 'Soul of a Singer') is an open invitation to enjoy the pleasure of the simple things in everyday life...

After the release of 'Tucson-Habana', early 2010, Amparo Snchez has been touring intensively throughout Europe with her 6-piece band playing seated venues and theatres as well as big festivals and small clubs. Getting back to her quieted and cosy family place up in the Catalan mountains, the inspiration started growing easily for a new album. "For me the songs on this album are anchored in this natural ground, something really easy and lively, just drawing a sigh, like you do every day", explains Amparo. She recorded most of the songs early 2012 in her own homestudio, as well as in the Kasba Studio in Barcelona with the assistance of Gerard 'Chalart58' Casajs, known for his work as a percussionist with Radio Bemba and La Kinky Beat. In the summer of 2012, more songs were recorded and finished in the Garate Studios in the Bask Country, where Amparo found her master-collegue Kaki Arcarazo behind the desk.

The title song of the new album 'Alma de Cantaora' is a simple story about a simple life, with some samples from the Mexican 'Abuela Margarita', an indigenous 'shaman' who travels by time to Barcelona to tell her stories and dreams. A spiritual touch, definitely, though Amparo still reveals parts of her own social engagement also on this new album. 'La Flor de La Palabra' is such a song, in duet with the Spanish hiphopsinger Arianna 'Ari' Puello, as well as 'Fuera Fiera' recorded with the Spanish singer Bebe. Moreover, it's not the only interesting collaboration on the album. As she did for 'Tucson-Habana', Amparo collaborated again with the highly talented Cuban composer Mane Ferret, she proposed 'Pulpa de Tamarindo' and 'Vieja Pasin', both nice rumbero bolero's... But, Amparo launches also some new, young promising Spanish artists: the Murcia-based singer songwriter 'Muerdo' and the band 'Bongo Botrako' from Tarragona. And on this album also, Amparo could count on the highly appreciated assistance and support from Calexico-boys Joey Burns, John Convertino and Jairo Zavala with who she recorded 'Muchacho' in the Wavelab Studios in Tucson, Arizona. During that same trip, Amparo also did 'Free Day' with Howe Gelb, also on the new album.

Amparo says about her new album: "I can't sing what I don't feel", referring to her great example and inspiration Billie Holiday. It's the perfect 'overall statement' that defines brightly the character and feeling of this new album 'Alma de Cantaora': simple, inspired and brightful. Colourful and well-written lyrics sang by an exceptional voice. Nothing else but fragile purity and engaged sobriety. Of course, Amparo Sanchez is above all an artist who wants to share her songs and feelings on stage with her audience. Fall 2012 she will be touring intensively Spain, before she will head towards other European countries en festivals in Spring and Summer 2013. Amparo Sanchez is also confirmed already for the WOMAD-festivals in March 2013 in Australia and New Zealand.

Alma de Cantaora
Alma de Cantaora (single digital)

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