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Cheb Balowski
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With their original album, Bartzeloona, this young, Mediterrean band launched their first national tour. Their second CD, Potiner, reached international acclaim and was interpreted live on stages across most of Europe.

Now, with the publication of their third album, Plou plom (musiqueta que enamora) (Lead Raina little love music), CHEB BALOWSKI opens fresh territory, with great expectations, a new European promotion and a world tour (Morroco, Finland, Jordan, Belgium, Algeria, Germany, Netherlands,).

The first half of the new CD, Plou plom, (Lead Rain), reflects the times in which we live, while the second half musiqueta que enamora, (a little love music) acts as a counterweight to the bad vibes we face each day. It is, without a doubt, 100% Balowski. We hear both a fluid continuity with past work and new advances, demonstrated in 13 themes charged with a beat that comfortably mixes traditional rhythms and melodies with Mediterranean flavored rock.

Participating in the recording of the newest CD, along with Iigo Muguruza, who produced their original CD and collaborated on their second album, are: David B., who played on Potiner too, Minsa (from BKC and Desechos), and the duet formed by Fermin Muguruza and Sorkun. Plou plom is produced by Stephane Carteaux (who also produced the groups second CD) and David B.

Plou Plom

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