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An experimental idea.

This is not a record. It is not an LP. It is not a work in itself. It is not an album. What you have in your hands is not a finished work, not even started. It is only fragments of an idea. It is only an EP, an advance of something. It is nothing... It is only a few loose songs.

Qusar is the new musical project created by two former members of TNT' Band, pioneer of Spanish punk. We are talking about ngel Doblas, the bass player ( who also was part of the well known 091'Band) and the guitarist Jesus Arias; both of them, together with Guillermo Crovetto (vocalist of the group 9.0), the drummer player Antonio Cervera and classical music composer and concert pianist Juan Miguel Hidalgo, decided to go ahead and work together on an ambitious concept, to explore in any musical gender and incorporate it into a new record, that at the time, it will have 40 songs, all linked together by a storyline: Eclipse.

The band plays music without complex; Quasr is the result of thirty years of learning and they go from the use of an anvil to produce a hammer sound for a flamenco singer until an orchestral formation, they can also go through ethnic music, hospital 'sounds, advertisements and helicopter sounds, historical files sounds, or by the incorporation of strange instruments, poems or delirious ideas. Quasr take over the old idea that the music is not just modern or ancient, it is good or bad music. That mean, music that transmits something or not, or on the contrary, one that does not touch or reach you.

The EP includes a version of the song "En un sueo viniste", which belong to the great Granada singer Enrique Morente, thanks to the special support of his daughter Estrella Morente, the Syrian poetess Maram Al-Masri, the Moroccan laud player Serghini Souhail, Quini Almendros former guitar player of the band "La Guardia", the singer Jaime Heredia known as "El Parron", and the flamenco guitarist Pepe Maya. The album also incorporates the songs Agonia, Agonia, with the special participation of the string quartet Quart-Aurea and Electric Miles.

Music as a reflex of the society in which it is made.

That's why his influences go from the Sex Pistols or The Clash up to the Rolling Stones or Nine InchNails, from Enrique Morente to Neurotic Outsiders, from The Master Musicians of Jajouka to the high-tech sounds. The band's philosophy is: "I like this noise ... Well, let's go and record it, and make a song from there".

The experience and participation of Jesus Arias during the process of gestation and development of the album "Omega", as well as Enrique Morente and Lagartija Nick, and the whole philosophy that was developed in the process of the album go in parallel with the creation of "Eclipse", with one exception, while "Omega" was a flamenco album going into the rock, maybe was the rock going into the flamenco; "Eclipse" is an incursion of rock in all kind o music, from classical to contemporary, going through ethnicity, or an incursion of all that music in the world of rock.

Songs that are made with a wild quartet of strings, songs that start with the noise that came out from machines in an Intensive Care Unit at the hospital while a woman recites in arabic an andalucian poem from the XI century, or compositions that start with the voices of women from around the world that were recorded on a portable radio-cassette while they sing their childhood' songs from Kenya, Guinea, Tunisia, Somalia or Japan, or maybe, voices from astronauts while walking on the moon, really become an unique project that has, as a the mayor support, the question; what will think an human being in his last eight minutes of life, when, while laying down over a bed in an operating room , was just declared a dead body? ...

Don't listen to this record as a record. Listen to it as a knock on the door of a cathedral. Listen to it for what it is. A piece of things. The trace of a dream. Listen to it in eight directions. As if it was a partial eclipse of Moons. Listen to it at swipes.

Eclipse parcial de lunas
En un sueo viniste

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