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Buritaca is a Barcelona based world-music band that breaks out its traditional mestizo-cage and put together a new, strong, and inspiring blend of 'worldbeats'. Even though they started as a musical quest due to the Colombian roots of their musicians, later on, they turned into a spontaneous encounter similar to the cultural diversity of a big metropolis like the city of Barcelona. As a result, Buritaca opened its horizons and plays in a creative way along with its Catalan, Spanish, Sirian, Panamanian, Colombian and Moroccan identities. At the end, they manage to overcome cultural paradigms through music. Among others, they have been invited to be part of several and very important music festivals like the festival Fiesta Mundial in Belgica, the Boom Festival in Portugal, Etnosur in Spain, La Strada of Graz in Austria and the Mercat de Msica Viva de Vic.

Buritaca believes to be a part of the big "Barawani", which also is the title of their first album released in 2011. The term not only refers to the cultural melting pot that embraces Barcelona, but also a representation of Buritaca and their member's life style, that is, to live and offer hope and happiness. Barawani is loaded with 10 songs that have been the result of putting together life style and personal feelings of all of their members, which mean songs with African, Latin and Arabic influences. Among them, the songs with the most latin-ritmo influence are: Callejero (boogaloo-descarga), Sin Cura (cumbia, ska jamaicano-salsa), La Curandera (ritmos afro colombianos-merengue), No vamos a parar (son corrido colombiano), Norte Sur (cumbia-reggae-ragga) and the Vaciln (guajira, guaguanc). On the other hand, a song like Bambaraway, is one in which they enter into their syrian roots combined with melodies and hindus armonis, and Barawani is a fusion of nigeria afro-beat and afro-colombians rhythms, while other such as L'invitation is expression of rhythms from north and south Africa.

Barawani was edited by Kasba Music, and recorded at the La Atlantida Studio under the direction of Mario Patio, with the special assistant of Edgar Beltri, Buritaca was in charge of the production, and Yves Roussel of mastering. The entire lyric and their music were done by Buritaca, with the exception of Callejero, which belong to Gilmari Gerena and Buritaca. The band had also count with the support of Nacho Lopez who play the violin and "The Mad Crazy Erwannlaflute" that play the flute in Bambaraway. Maria Arteaga was responsible for the design.


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