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Yacine & the Oriental Groove
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Yacine & The Oriental Groove is the new project of Yacine Belahcene (Detotarrel, Nour, Cheb Balowski) which started with the intention to interpret songs among all Yacine's artistic trajectory as well as traditional melodies from the Maghreb (N. Africa) and Middle East. In collaboration with Yannis Papaioannou (08 001, Asikides, Orquestra rab de Barcelona) and the powerful sound of his electric oud, the band slowly began to develop its own unique sound in the interpretation of traditional songs and own compositions . Both e lectric and electronic sound that crosses all around the Mediterranean and opens a music window full of energy and innovation with surprising results such as the traditional Algerian song Goumari.

After a year full of concerts throughout Spain and North Africa that allowed the band to consolidate really good their repertoire, came the moment to record their first album. The album 'Parablic' was recorded at Studio Kasba Studio (Barcelona) and Estudi Vigat (Breda), under the supervision and artistic direction of Yacine Belahcene and Yannis Papaioannou.

The album title refers to the satellite antennas (Parablic), whose use is very common among immigrants, and the "satellite reality" that they create for those people between the countries of residence and countries of origin. Album's songs on one hand talk about immigration, mlange of cultures, lack of confidence to the "other" but also about love or everyday situations. There is also a tribute to the great Catalan poet Joan Maragall ('Nodreix l'amor') Both Yacine and Yannis know very well what means to live between two cultures. The first-one half Algerian, half Catalan spent his childhood in Algiers, but during the civil war his family was installed in Barcelona. Yannis on the other hand lives abroad Greece for the last 7 years. That's the reason why the album apart from the music, mixes also different languages (Catalan, Arabic, Greek, French ...) creating a new urban sound. A sound that can fit in any Mediterranean city.


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