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Bongo Botrako
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Bongo Botrako launches their second album "Revoltosa", which will be issued next November 12th. "Revoltosa" is a close, organic and necessary album, with happy music and lyrics that reflect about very urgent social maters nowadays as the economic situation and the citizens' riots. Lyrics that talk about peace, love, solidarity between people and communities.

Without any doubt we're in front of an album that consolidates the band in an own style, between reggae and the hot rhythms, and with an everyday bigger and faithful audience in all the peninsula and in other European countries as France, Italy, Belgium and Holland.

Because after the big success of the tune "Todos los das sale el Sol" -chipirn!- the progression of Bongo Botrako has been unstoppable anywhere they've been.

The new record has been produced by Amparo Snchez, who has been more subtle, refined and wise than ever, and has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Kaki Arkarazo at Garate Estudios in Andoain (Gipuzkoa). Moreover, Canteca de Macao, Amparo Snchez, Joan Garriga (La Troba Kung-F), Gerard Casajs (La Kinky Beat), the singer Benjammin or the trumpetist Jose Alberto Varona hae collaborated in it. As their last record, "Revoltosa" is also issued by Kasba Music.

In the same meticulous and detailed way, Bongo Botrako has counted on the Cuban designer and illustrator Roberto Ramos to create a digipack which when spread reaches more than 1 meter long. In it there are some illustrations with a strong social content, very strongly related with the lyrics of the album.

From December on, the band will start a launching tour with a new live show in which new tunes will be mixed with the ones from the last record "Todos los das sale el sol", always with the energetic and festive mark to which we're all used. The tour starts on December 12th at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, and goes on the 14th in Bilbao, the 15th in Ondarroa and the 21st of December at Sala Caracol in Madrid.

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Todos los das sale el sol

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