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Black Baudelaire
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You hear Baba, el Baudelaire negro, on one of the songs on Cuidado (Watch Out), the first CD by the group, Black Baudelaire.

This group from the popular barrio of Raval in Barcelona formed when Babakar Gaye from Dakar, Senegal met Stphane Laidet from France (ex-member of Color Humano). They joined together with Nico Boudou and Franck Fiedler, two other ex-members of Color Humano and Kyzer, a Moroccan DJ, representative of the French raggamuffin scene, and began to shape Black Baudelaire. In 2003 they released a maxi CD, Danger, with six self-produced themes on which participated, among others, Marina, from the group, Ojos de Brujo, and Rubio and Kris, from 08001.

Throughout 2003 they continued to triumph with concerts staged on the Peninsula, marked by especially memorable acts at the Apolo in Barcelona, along with the groups La Excepcin, (The Exception) and 08001 and in Granada together with the group Hablando en Plata (Speaking in Silver).

In 2004 the band regrouped with the addition of DJ Weas, from the Swiss hip-hop scene and Lune, whose background is French-Senegalese. New concerts followed across Europe, including the Festivals: A Noite Do Trasno in Galiza, Pop DEurope in Berlin, the Mercat de Msica Viva in Vic, in Catalonia, and, in November, a 3-week tour, criss-crossing Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Marburg) and Switzerland. Towards the end of 2004 they met with David Bourguignon and Stphane Carteaux, managers of the independent Barcelona label, Kasba Music (La Kinky Beat and Cheb Balowski) which resulted in an agreement to produce the groups first album.

In the spring of 2005, they released Ciudado, (Watch Out): a CD compiled of fifteen themes, a potent hip-hop mestizo sung in Wolof, French, English, Spanish, fifteen songs with richly elaborated lyrics that combine street poetry and African storytelling; themes that reflect the myriad social predicaments caused by globalization and that describe the harsh reality of an African betrayed by the European Dream. Collaborating musicians that helped to create the albums sound include those previously mentioned, Rubio (guitar) and Kris (bass), from the group 08001, and David Bourguignon (drums), from Radio Bemba.

A group to look out for; an album to sing along with and reflect on.

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