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Color Humano
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© Xavier Torres-Bacchetta

"Madib" means water, water which falls from heaven, water from the seas that must be crossed to survive, water which, finally, give us life... "Madib" is the title of the fourth record of Color Humano, too.

"El agua no tiene fronteras, no tiene patria ni banderas
Es como el aire y como el sol, no tiene dueo"

Color Humano appeared with their musical vitality and their rebel spirit for the first time in Barcelona around 1995, they came from Paris, they had a few concerts on the Peninsula and they carried a sample disc, "Moskowa libre", with them that saw the light soon after with the help of Tralla Records, first as a cassette that was immediately followed with a CD recording. It was not a big production but it had something in those songs that hooked you, their simplicity, both the music and the lyrics, that profound humanity, grabbed you. Their concerts were a continuation of their work in the studio, performances full of life, unpredictable; brimming with energy and straight words, and the softer atmosphere of the studio was converted into explosive energy on stage. They toured the entire Spanish State and more, but after three discs ("Moskowa libre" and "Hambre de vida" with Tralla Records and "Burundanga" with Edel Music) and hundreds of concerts the group separated ten years later.

"Esperanza, que sera sin ti... Sin ti que sera de m"

And now in 2010, after a solidarity reunification in December of 2008 and following various concerts on the margin of the professional circuit in 2009, they return with a new disc in hand and renewed energy.

"Dicen que all nadie falta de nada, dicen que el norte es tierra de fortuna
Que se respetan los derechos humanos, que se vive dignamente"

The record includes 12 new songs, with diverse rhythms and the same flavor of the old records from the band, African percussions, latin atmosphere, rock and female chorus full of life and energy to involve the touching lyrics of Jose, plenty of hope, humanism and strength.

"Necesitamos conocernos ya Mama Justicia
Y sentir que nos miras y nos tratas a todos por igual"

All the songs were recorded in the Kasba Studio and co-produced by Stphane Carteaux and Color Humano, renewing in the act a relationship that was initiated when the band was first created, when "Stef" was the bassist in the group. It has also renewed the professional relationship with "Lusmore Dauda", responsible for its visual design, as he was also the designer of the covers on the group's last two CDs.


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