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Muyayo Rif
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Muyayo Rif, a band from Cornell de Llobregat (Barcelona), was formed in 2000 by musicians who specialized in urban rhythms: punk, ska, reggae, Latin and rock. By 2007 the group had shaped its own sound that had evolved into a festive, rhythmical mix, creating a signature beat. At that point the band professionalized, they polished their personality as a group, their studio recording style and their live performances, performances full of festive energy and optimistic social criticism. In 2009, their flawless concerts earned them the FestiMad 2009 Award.

With P'ALANTE! (Kasba Music) Muyayo Rif has moved on to the next level, a new collection of songs that reunites them with the French bass player, Gambeat. P'ALANTE! is a cheer of support, an attitude and a message that the band sends out to a society in a state of crisis. But it is also a cocktail of fresh, danceable rhythms beautifully interpreted by the group. A positive alternative that smartly mixes energy that approaches punk in their concerts with the joy of ska and different styles of reggae.

Muyayo Rif are not alone in this optimistic and positive universe that is P'ALANTE!. During the months of recording at the K-Cleta Studios in Cardedeu, they received visits from celebrated personalities like Joan Garriga and Mari Roch from La Troba Kung-F, Xavi and Dj Bel from the Nota, Fer from Reincidentes, Frank Montasell from Sol Lagarto, and Pablo Campos and the brothers Leo and Kacha from Che Sudaka. Together they fashioned thirteen themes that were finely tuned and mixed by Toti Arimany at the Fourni Studios in La Garriga and mastered by Yves Roussel in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Their new album, P'ALANTE! (Get Movin'!), will accompany Muyayo Rif in 2012. Looking towards the horizon and leaving the dances and effervescing energy of more than 70 concerts across Europe in their wake, shows performed in concert halls and festivals like Liberation Festival in Holland, Movement Festival in Russia, the Porto Latino Festival in Corsega and de la Musique, Carcassone and Mont de Marsan Festivals in France.

Voice: Patxi Medina
Rhythmic foundation: Iaki Rodriguez, Carles Gutierrez, Indio (Jordi Funes) and Lucas Peire
Wind section: Sito (Luis Carrizo), Andrs Tosti, and Albert Costa

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