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S Curro
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S Curro definitely has a malevolent plan, the fruit of a pact with the devil that allows him to sustain his high level of creativity despite the fact that 4 out of 7 days he is losing large quantities of neurons. We say he has an evil plan, because we get the impression he is planning to elevate the number of suicides in our country to the level of those in Scandinavia.

If not, then we don't understand why he would release something like Distorsin.

A disc that combines dark, suffocating moods like a pile of dead bodies with exultant moments like a sunny morning in Bilbao. In Distorsin the euphoria, the vice and the melancholy is the platform for jumping together onto the tracks in front of a speeding Metro.

Perhaps he is trying to infect us with this growing air of decadence? Then what a son of a bitch. Because he is successful and we revel in it. S Curro has made a dangerous, dense, acrid, unpalatable disc that resembles reinforced cement soup, but he accompanies it with a type of hallucinogen that makes it seem refreshing to our palate.

To protect your health we recommend that you do not try it, however our warning will most likely be ignored and what is worse...you will want to repeat it.

But to hell with it! Since when have they been concerned for your health in Mogra? Another thing is Kasba Music, but most likely they have been tricked. Or allowed them selves to be fooled?


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