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Al Borde de la Ruta is the third record of Microguagua (Kasba Music, 2012). In the sixth year of its career Microguagua achieves and album with more power-roots sound than its previous work; it's even more of a fusion of reggae culture with the echoes of the street, where the band still performs every day. Produced by Roberto Sanchez, recorded in Barcelona at the end of 2011, mixed in Santander and mastered in Bilbao, this work shows the continuous growth of the band.

Al Borde de la Ruta contains ten original songs, along with several dub remixes and "power street" versions, played in pure street style. The lyrics are mostly in Spanish, with a little Italian, deal with themes that paint today's society and its problems. They show both a global view of society and roots snapshots of stories from the streets.

The band's roots go back to the end of 2006, in Barcelona's Raval quarter. From 2007, they start to win over the streets of Barcelona with a fresh and carefree style, full of positive energy. The diverse multicultural influences of the band-members breed an original sound, christened "street power reggae", a unique way of making music.

The first official record of Microguagua "Rootside" (acoustic) was released in 2008. In 2009, the musicians began to tour throughout Spain, and the rest of Europe, without stopping their work as street entertainers and at the same time recording their first record.

In 2010, in an electric version, the second album of Microguagua, "Barrio Santo", was released by Kasba Music, selling more than 11.000 copies.

In these years Microguagua takes part in important festivals like Rototom Sunsplash and went on tour to Europe winning the second prize in the Ferrara Busker's festival, Italy.

Al Borde de la Ruta appears in 2012, a year full of concerts where Microguagua express its energy with intense and powerful shows reaching a special connection with the public.

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Al Borde de la Ruta
Barrio Santo

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